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Shelly Plus 1


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Automatization of the lights, garage door, the irrigation system, bathroom fan, any old electrical appliances… you name it! Shelly Plus 1 has numerous applications providing enhanced smart home control. Small enough to fit behind every wall switch or wall socket, Shelly Plus 1 is retrofit and can be installed in less than 10 minutes.


  • Wi-Fi operated
  • Bluetooth
  • Low voltage support
  • Dry contacts
  • Extremely fast processor
  • Enhanced safety and security

Automate the lights and make them follow your schedule

Make any light switch smart with Shelly Plus 1 and control them through your phone or with voice assistant. Use Shelly App to set automated scenes based on hour or sunset/sunrise. This way you can set the

lights on the porch to switch on around the time you come home from work, or the lights in your hallway to switch off once it is past your family’s bed hour. And don’t worry – light switches can still be used manually to suit the needs of everyone in your home.

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