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Reolink Smart Doorbell


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Smart 2K+ Video Doorbell with Chime

  • 2K+ (5MP) HD Video
  • Power over Ethernet OR WiFi
  • Person Detection
  • Works with Reolink NVRs

At least twice clearer than the 2MP (1080p), 2K+ (5MP) resolution means a lot more information and a wider range. Individuals will be easier to recognize with richer details.

PoE – Reliable Connection & Easy Installation

This PoE doorbell uses only one wire to get stable network and non-stop powering at the same time. You can also connect the doorbell to your pre-existing doorbell wiring. A 15° wedge is included for you to adjust its angle.

Dual-Band WiFi – Stable Connection

This wired WiFi doorbell supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi bands for a more stable connection. Just place it anywhere within the WiFi range. You can also connect it to your pre-existing doorbell wiring. A 15° wedge is included for you to adjust its angle.

More Accurate, Less Distracted

The doorbell can alert you only when a person is detected, ignoring trivial non-human passers-by. You can also set a motion zone to black out areas prone to unnecessary alarms.

Quickly, Instantly, Communicatively

Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi has built-in mics and a speaker. Take your time greeting the visitor before hurrying to the door, deter the unwanted visitors with no delay, or live talk with the visiting friends when you’re not at home.

Record Before “Action”

The doorbell camera will start recording before actual detections happen. 6-second color video footage prior to the alert may help you a lot: know the possible causes or increase the likelihood of criminal identification.

Answer the Door Faster

Preset your voice messages and have the doorbell speaks for you: “Leave the package outside”, “Leave my property now”, etc. You can also set automatic responses for times when you’re completely occupied.

Hear “Knocking” from Any Room

One chime is included for Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi. Just plug it into any electrical socket at any room and be confidently alerted when visitors knock.

Flexible Storage Options

You can save your recordings locally to Micro SD card (up to 256GB) or to a Reolink NVR. If you are worried about losing the storage devices, you can choose to store events in Reolink Cloud.

Answer Your Door, Hands-Free

As easy as saying “Hey Google, show me the Front Door” (or just ask Alexa), you can check what’s happening there on your Google Nest Hub or Chromecast-enabled TVs.

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Power over Ethernet (UK Plug), Power over Ethernet (EU Plug), WiFi (UK Plug), WiFi (EU Plug)

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